Day Zero 01 Februar 2008

Well, it's finally up and running! Now I'm one of these blogging guys, too. I hope, I will find the time to write some content, which is also intellectually valuable. At least halfway :-)...

I must admit, I'm very new to blogging, so I really have to get used to it. By the way, for what the heck is the field "Slug"? Well, I will get it sometime.

For those technically interested readers: I've decided to use BlogEngine.NET and give it a try. Since I'm a software developer living mainly in the world of Microsoft, I was interested to use an engine running under ASP.NET. So, the choice wasn't quite big, I've read something about dasBlog, SubText and BlogEngine.NET, which I choosed eventually. The light package and almost no use of third party tools plus the possibility of using a XML OR a SQL store (and everything under the providermodel, so it's pretty easy extendable), this was a no-brainer for me. Well, let's see after some time, if this was the right decision.

Stay tuned in the meantime!